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Voyageurs National Park

Its campsites, clean and close to the water's edge, are paved with smooth glaciated granite for this is the southern rim of the Canadian Shield. Even the air seems rarefied and in early morning, there is a high mountain freshness and sparkle that makes one think of timberline. Here there is intimacy, vistas of rare poetic beauty - and everywhere is delight. To me it is home, a land to remember and return to.
-- Sigurd F. Olson, Runes of the North (1963)

... with beauty before me may I walk.
... with beauty behind me may I walk.
... with beauty below me may I walk.
... with beauty above me may I walk.
... with beauty all around me...
... I walk.

----- Navajo prayer

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Links to Voyageurs National Park and Facilities

Voyageurs National Park Map
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Voyageurs National Park visit planning web page

Ash River Area

Ash River Falls

Ash River Falls #1
Ash River Falls #2
Ash River Falls #3
Ash River Falls #4
Ash River Falls #5
Ash River Falls #6
Ash River Falls #7
Ash River Falls #8
Ash River Falls #9

Ash River Lookout Tower

Autumn view from Ash River lookout tower (hand held 360 panorama)

The following spherical panorama was taken with a loose tripod head preventing proper stitching, oops, the tower is actually in one piece.
The tower was bult in the 1940's, at least there is graphiti dating back to that era.

Ash River Falls lookout tower panorama 

The following picture is not photoshopped in any way with the exception of basic de-noising and sharpening. It is NOT an HDR photo or tone-mapped in any way.
It is a 45 minute exposure with a 10.5mm DX fisheye lens, the buildings and trees were light painted with a 1,000,000 candle power portable spotlight, note the pattern on the garage door.
The visible exposure of myself in the frame was with a LED flashlight and was about one second in length.
I am, however, somewhere in the frame for most of the 45 minutes.
I was initially disappointed with the photo since I was trying to have my image only barely visible but the overexposure actually ended up with a more serendipitous dramatic effect.
Ash River Cabin Self Portrait

Ellsworth Rock Garden, Lake Kabetogama

Ellsworth Rock Garden Virtual Reality Tour

direct links to individual panoramas

Ellsworth Signature Stone
Ellsworth Picnic Shelter
Ellsworth Stone Bridge
Ellsworth Balanced Rock
Ellsworth Meadow Lake Overlook
Ellsworth Arrowhead
Ellsworth Stone Circle
Ellsworth West Edge
Ellsworth Teepee
Ellsworth Upper Signature
Ellsworth Middle Terrace
Ellsworth Big Stones
Ellsworth West Exit
Ellsworth Guest Cabin Path
Ellsworth Meteorite
Ellsworth Sign Post
Ellsworth Wayside Exhibit
Ellsworth Dock Entrance

Voyageurs National Park Backcountry Campsite Panoramas

B1 Agnes Lake Campsite
Agnes Lake Overlook
B6 Ek (Leif) Lake Campsite
Ek Lake Canoe Stash
Ek Lake Overlook
B7 Jorgen's Lake Campsite
B10 Locator Lake Day Use Site
Locator Lake Trail Beaver Pond
Locator Lake Trail Forest Overlook
B14 Quarter Line Lake Campsite

One of my early memories of this area was camping at Hamilton Island with my father back in 1975, a nearby portage then showed this side of Net Lake was solid lilly pads. Today it is being stolen back by the muskeg, the natural cyclic process of the forest taking back the shallows created (stolen) by the beaver.

Net Lake muskeg

Lake Kabetogama Panoramas

Beaver Pond Overlook
Blind Ash Bay Outcrop
Blind Ash Bay Rockface
Blind Ash Bay Overlook
Black Bay River
Kabetogama Sunset from Round Bear Island

Lake Kabetogama Campsite Panoramas

August 3, 2011 panoramas were taken with haze and smoke from a northern Ontario wild fire and are therefore somewhat degraded.

K1 Bald Rock
K3 Camel Back Island
K6 Cutover Island South #1
K6 Cutover Island South #2
K8 Ek's Bay
K9 Grassy Island south
K14 La Bontys Point
K16 Lost Bay
K17 Lost Bay Island
K19 Lost Lake (under repairs)
K21 Maple Point
K24 Northland
K25 Peterson Point
K29 Round Bear Island #1
K29 Round Bear Island #2
K31 Sphunge Island East
K34 Sugarbush Island
K35 Windigo
K36 Wood Duck Island
K41 Echo Island
K45 Pine Point
K50 Fox Farm
K52 Shoepack Beach Day Use Site

Kettle Falls, Namakan <--> Rainy Lake Portage and Hotel

Kettle Falls has a sorrid history ranging from a fully staffed brothel to a cold case murder to moonshine production durring the prohibition era.
The Bar is famous for its sagging floor that can make a person stagger even before tipping any drinks.
Hotel is closed durring winter months.

Kettle Falls Dam
Kettle Falls Hotel
Kettle Falls Namakan Side Dock
Kettle Falls Overlook
Kettle Falls Rainy Lake Side Dock
Kettle Falls Dam Tender's Cabin

Namakan Lake Campsite Panoramas

N14 Junction Bay #1
N14 Junction Bay #2
Junction Bay Portage
N15 Catamaran
N18 McManus Island West
N27 Namakan Island East
N28 Namakan Island West
N29 Old Dutch Bay
N38 Sheen Point
N41 Voyageurs Narrows
N43 Torry Fish Camp
N55 Namakan Island North East
N63 Namakan Island South #1
N63 Namakan Island South #2
N63 Namakan Island South #3

Hoist Bay Logging Camp, Namakan Lake

Hoist bay was the point where logs were floated in and 'hoisted' onto awaiting rail cars for processing in Virginia Minnesota as late as the 1930's.
Note the vestiges of railroad trestles still protruding out of the water surface in the bay.
These facilities have also been used as a comercial fish camp, a resort, as well as a YCC youth camp.
Currently the facilities are being restored for a future day use site

Hoist Bay Boat House
Hoist Bay Dock
Hoist Bay Ice House
Hoist Bay Master Quarters
Hoist Bay Resort Cabins

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