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In addition to traditional single frame single exposure photography using professional digital equipment I also create ultra high resolution images by stitching multiple frames together into a single image. The benefit to these techniques are many; large panoramas with very fine detail as well as multiple row multiple column stitched images that can be printed in very large formats, in full detail, without the loss of details due to traditional enlargements.

For instance a full 360 degree single row panorama taken with an 85mm lens can be wider than 200 inches and contain more than thirty-six (36) separate images. Other benefits of multiple frame images come from the fact that wide angle lenses tend to distort images which result in loss of details as well as imposing strict limitations in the artistic composition of the images.

Full 360 degree spherical panoramas, that can be viewed in virtual reality, are also possible with multi framed multi row images.

I also often use High Dynamic Range (HDR) techniques to produce images that tend to be much closer to what the eye sees. This overcomes the limitations of either traditional film or digital sensors by being able to simultaneously display extremely fine detail in the darkest shadows as well as the brightest areas of an image. Unlike many who use HDR techniques to produce unusual and unnatural "artistic" effects I strive for more realistic results than can be possibly obtained by traditional methods and techniques.